As logistics operations speed up and your company’s supply chain becomes more streamlined, it’s important to ensure your 装货码头设备 is able to handle the faster pace.

Loading dock levelers that bridge the gap between trailer and loading dock are indispensable pieces of equipment. 因此,装货码头矫平机维修是一个整体必不可少的环节 维护和保养策略 due to the central role these assets play in safe and efficient loading and unloading.

A leveler that fails due to insufficient maintenance or unsuitability for the type and amount of goods move across is a major safety risk for employees. 即使没有人受伤, the resulting supply chain disruption 从 such an accident could incur immense costs. 交替, installing the right type of loading dock leveler for your needs and keeping it in top condition is a good way to build a next-generation supply chain.

MINER是您的设备合作伙伴, 您可以访问端到端装载码头找平解决方案, 从 初次购买和安装 对新的或现有的资产进行持续的维护.


装载码头水平仪并不都是一样的,第一步是创建你的 维护和保养策略 should be inspecting your current equipment and determining whether the assets are suitable for your company’s intended use. Many facilities are not built with 装货码头设备 that is truly sufficient for heavy use, especially when those structures were converted for warehouse use rather than purpose-built.

以下是码头调平机的主要类型, 每一种都可能适合您组织的物流需求, depending on the amount and type of goods that have to move into and out of your facilities.


长期以来,机械矫直机一直是该行业的默认设备. 可移动平台由一系列杠杆和齿轮控制. 通过拉动链条, 装货码头工人释放调平机, 然后用身体的重量把甲板放低到位, 在码头边缘和拖车之间架起桥梁.

机械找平机为您的装货码头带来简单和可靠. There are no electronic elements and the construction is all based on simple mechanical principles. 不管你用的是哪种装载码头, 有或没有电源, 你可以使用机械调平器. 此外,这通常是成本最低的码头调平器选项.


A hydraulic loading dock leveler works on the same general principle as the mechanical leveler, 从装货码头折叠起来,与拖车搭起桥梁. The difference is that these are powered by hydraulic motors and don’t require the same level of interaction 从 workers. In some fully powered hydraulic models, the whole deployment process is automated. 还有一些仍然需要工人机械地延长唇部.

The power sources for hydraulic dock levelers — power packs installed near the loading dock — are available in multiple voltages. Given the number of size and voltage options you can easily match these assets to your facility’s requirements.


If you are interested in the simplicity of a powered dock leveler but don’t have the space to install a specialized power supply, 气动装载机码头水准可能代表完美的选择. 这些资产相对较新, 而且比液压矫直机工作电压更低, 只需要一个电源插座.

气动船坞水准机使用耐用的安全气囊操作, and there are several models available to ensure you can match the performance of the leveler to the volume and velocity of goods that will have to move over it. Since pneumatic loading dock levelers do not require oiling to operate effectively, 它们自然可以帮助你的设施周围的卫生.


一旦您选择了与预期用例匹配的码头均衡器选项, 始终保持设备处于最佳状态是很重要的. This is because a damaged or worn loading dock leveler is a danger to every person who has to move across it.

A loading dock leveler collapse involving a worker — whether on foot or operating a forklift — has the potential to seriously harm that individual and others in the area. Companies that focus on safety awareness and creating an optimally safe loading dock area can see numerous benefits.

Since an accident has operational consequences in addition to the pain and suffering it inflicts, 安全与底线之间没有冲突. 最安全的装卸码头在财务上也是最健全的, 所有顶级设施运营商都在这种安全第一的模式下工作.


Loading dock equipment does not have to cause harm to an employee to have a negative effect on the company’s operations. 设备停机时间, 即使没有人受伤, can incur thousands of dollars or more in lost revenue in a relatively short span of time. 无法 在装货码头装卸货物 because a loading dock leveler has broken down may seriously compromise a fast-moving modern supply chain.

与停机时间相关的大量费用凸显了两者的重要性 emergency loading dock leveler repair services and proactive maintenance strategies 旨在减少那些临时维修的需要. Both types of programs should be overseen by trained facility experts with the right equipment to ensure the job is done quickly, 正确而完整.


A proactive maintenance strategy designed to minimize the chance of avoidable accidents and reduce downtime begins to pay dividends the first time a potential breakdown is averted. A comprehensive approach to keeping your loading dock levelers and related equipment in top condition relies on interrelated elements: effective surveying and proactive maintenance that reflects the surveys’ findings.

Cutting-edge safety and productivity surveying today is based on measuring the suitability, age and condition of each asset in the loading dock area and keeping records up to date. These comprehensive measurements help facility owners track the total cost of ownership of each piece of 装货码头设备 and schedule proactive maintenance that will optimize efficiency and can prolong the usable life cycle of assets.

Proactive maintenance is based on identifying areas that are the likeliest sources of potential problems, 而不是坐等资产破产. Taking this approach to loading dock leveler repair can help keep your facility safe, 高效清洁. 计划外的维护应该是最后的手段. A successfully implemented proactive maintenance program can reduce these emergency repairs by up to 50%.

MINER是您理想的装卸码头调平机维修伙伴, 无论你从这个过程的哪一步开始你的参与. Our consultants and trained facility experts are available to assist with selecting the correct, 最好的资产 满足你的确切需求, 安装设备并创建持续的主动维护策略.

Given the pivotal role of the loading dock leveler in connecting the links of the modern supply chain, 这些资产应该是您维修和维护计划的核心部分.